Hey World! It’s me Montana

Hello All,

I am a plus sized girl, back in school, and killin’ it. My name is Montana and yes that’s my real name. On a good day I am an 18 but lately I have been trending towards a 20. I probably need to do some yoga or hit the gym, but to me that is just not fun and damn I love Chick-Fil-A too much. I actually feel comfortable in my own skin, sometimes I am more comfortable and confident than my tiny counterparts.

I am from Virginia and I love it! I am back in college after a 2-year break where I did pretty well at my job. Big girls can do anything! More to come later on my hospitality job and the best growing experience I have had yet… I learned A LOT! Now that I am back to school I am rocking a 3.86 GPA, Hello Dean’s List (but why isn’t my English grammar better?! Idk). I am dating my line cook and actually managed to get him to come back to school. Prince Charming will be making a debut later this month, but heads up sometimes he is Not so Prince Charming…but so is life.

My heart and family is in sunny Georgia. I am taking Prince Charming to Savannah, GA for spring break and I am so excited!! Warm weather, crabs out on Tybee Island, ghost tours by hearse, and some fun fruity cocktails are a mere 4 weeks away. This is a big trip for Prince Charming and I, because we are looking at real estate for our post-grad life. Stick with me and learn how big girls get love too and what to do for that awful chub rub.

My best friend in the whole world is a sassy, independent, free spirited woman who is my biggest cheerleader. She keeps my grounded, tells me everything is going to be okay, and makes me feel so very loved. Without her life would be very dull. My mermaid lady is working on some GREAT projects and once she is a little farther along I cannot wait to share her work with you.

My closest friends at school are from my Frat; yes I am in a Frat. Love me that co-ed professional Greek life. They are the spice of life. Currently, my roommate and I for next year #shitshow (her official frat nickname) are full steam ahead making paddles, 21 Birthday plans, and living room layouts

Follow me on this journey as we travel, make friends, celebrate birthdays, and…… maybe try that Yoga thing.



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