Engagement Ideas

So I have BIG NEWS! Prince Charming and I have been talking about ENGAGEMENT! So since it is the day of Love I thought I would share with you all some of our ideas for the future. With full disclosure I am a planner so that means a lot of Pinterest, so please check it out @montanaskyyyy.

The longer I am with Prince Charming the more I realize that I love him & who he is as a person deep down. The more I deal with other people I realize how compatible we are. I am never tried of him, even when I hate him. Prince Charming is 26 so he is at the age where he is ready to make commitments. As we plan our post grad life there is no one else I want to plan into my future.

A Monogram Themed Engagement Party


I would love a June wedding late at night when its warm but the sun is not blazing, pastel colors, a full bar, a monogrammed cake, and happy smiling faces everywhere.


Table theme

wedding location
Outside Barn Wedding– Where You Dance The Night Away


I would love to hear your ideas!


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