We All Need A Little Love & Friendship

So we are all aware that it is Valentines Day! For some this day is spent being cute with you SO. For some it is spent at a bar somewhere going wild for single girls awareness day. For me it is spent reflecting…

I had a jam packed last few days going above and beyond for so many people. I forgot to stop and take a minute for myself. I also found myself leaning on Price Charming and expecting him to do for me while I was only doing for others. Prince Charming and his roomie (as well as one of my FAVORTIE people) Guapo got wrangled helping me help everyone else. We drove everywhere, carried kegs, decorated apartments, made signs, made paddles, ran to the store, etc. Gaupo and I even picked up stragglers through the night and helped them with rides and keg refills.

After helping me help others all day, Guapo asked me if the things I was doing were even noticed or appreciated. I assured him the answer was yes, but now I am not so sure. After a little bit of a rough night I needed someone to come to my rescue. The person that came through and did for me was Guapo, not even someone who I had been doing things for all day.

As we sat and ate jumbo slices at 1:30 am post crying session he said some very true words to me. You only really have 5 great friends in life and he would rather have his girlfriend/best friend and a few others. I was told I was a “solid” (this was super duper exciting!!) and he was happy with his few but great friends. He said to focus on the ones who love us, and are there for us daily. To make sure that those “solid” people are the ones that you invest your energy into and not the other fake friends.

So as a sit here today in dreary and awful February, doesn’t it seem like February brings the most heartache and drama? I am past my tears and so so thankful for my awesome friendship night with Guapo.

So my advice for you on this overdone holiday is to invest your love into the few people that actually care about you. Not the ones who are cool or fun. Those friends are good to have; we all love those friends who are always ready for a good time. But today, focus on the ones who actually really LOVE YOU!

I challenge you to pick up the phone and call someone, yes call them and let them hear your voice tell them you care and love them. I promise it will make their day and foster a relationship worth having.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” –Helen Keller



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