As this semester draws to an end there are a few things I know for sure! I have made wonderful friends, found out that I have some amazing cheerleaders at home,  and I am so happy that I have Prince Charming by my side. Rather it be up or down I have my very best friend.

I also got a late enroll into a class, Social Media Marketing (SMM) 388 and had to start a blog.  I had to get a twitter, still something I don’t totally understand and don’t really like I am a Facebook girl for sure! In SMM I created Big Girl In A College World, something that has been so well received and has become something I enjoy doing. This climate was so right to start a plus-sized blog right now, I am going to thank my hero for this, Ashley Graham!

As every semester is this one has been one of growth and learning. One of the biggest struggles I have had has been managing everything. I am a full time student, in the service fraternity where I have completed almost 40 hours of community service, a mentor for college able but not college bound high schoolers, and recently Secretary of Sustainability. All of this plus getting sleep and having a social life can be overwhelming, but I pushed through and I couldn’t be more proud of myself or thankful to all the people I have had around me. I call Prince Charming my PA but without him helping me so much I couldn’t have made it. Culpepper  my froomie has been there to listen to my cry when I got woken up and bring me Starbucks in bed. My marketing professor keeps telling me that I am only as strong as my network, so as I sit here in Starbucks tired but happy I am so happy with the caring people I have surrounded myself with this year.

The thing I have been most proud of this semester was a hard won battle. As Secretary of Sustainability for the Student Government Association I was appointed late and fought at every step for all the events and changes  I wanted to bring to campus. I was called into numerous meetings, felt belittled, and felt threatened at times. None of this is something that I wish upon another. The thing that I don’t think people standing in my way bargained for is that I am a fighter. I didn’t make it where I am today by backing down from what I think is right.So right or wrong I was a bull in a china shop, I fought so hard for my events and changes. Last night I was at the SGA Banquet, I was re-sworn in for Secretary of Sustainability for this upcoming year. I was recognized in speeches and congratulated. Something that felt so so good! My Earth Day Event was a success that the school has been sharing all over social media.

I am so so proud of myself for all these accomplishments. But, A LOT of hard work went into getting where I am. My moto for this semester has been “Pain is temporary, GPA and legacy are forever.” I have learned that if you believe in something and are willing to put in the work anything is possible. So anyone out there, especially big girls don’t let anyone tell you you are less than perfect and that you cannot succeed! Get a good network, put on some confidence, throw your shoulders back, and charge ahead! There is greatness out there. I promise.




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