College Arts & Crafts Cause Procrastination

College Arts & Crafts Cause Procrastination

So as I write this blog post I should really be doing anything else, especially my huge research paper for my research and methods class. But, I am on Facebook and thinking about ideas for letters. I love to procrastinate with arts & crafts and once I get started I won’t stop. So here are some of my favorite and crafty ways to waste time but have some awesome things for your dorm/apartment/house!

Paddles- I seriously love making these! I love it so much that I make them months in advance of events and hang them on Prince Charming and Guapo’s wall till it’s time to deliver them. I also make them for other people, because that is a good way to waste even more time when in run out of my own things to make.



My Paddles

Matching-ish Thank You Paddles for My Petsitter’s
My Grammy made this grapevine wreath when she was first married to my Grandfather, so it must be almost 60 years old. They sell similar ones at Walmart, but this one is special to me. I found it in her old shed and ever since I have had it on my door at school to decorate for the season. I spend a max of $3 dollars on decorations for each “theme.” I normally only get a single dollar store item, so on average I spend $10  a year on something that cheers up my apartment and makes me so happy. Well Worth It 🙂 Also, Prince Charming and I have a lot of fun picking out the decorations.

My Current Spring Wreath


When I can’t even procrastinate at home anymore I take myself to the fabric stores and debate for hours over the best color combos for letters. I have found the BEST Alum who makes super reasonable letters. She has started her own letter making business, so if you want her contact info just comment below. Here are a few of my favorite new letters.

I Like Sparkles