College Arts & Crafts Cause Procrastination

College Arts & Crafts Cause Procrastination

So as I write this blog post I should really be doing anything else, especially my huge research paper for my research and methods class. But, I am on Facebook and thinking about ideas for letters. I love to procrastinate with arts & crafts and once I get started I won’t stop. So here are some of my favorite and crafty ways to waste time but have some awesome things for your dorm/apartment/house!

Paddles- I seriously love making these! I love it so much that I make them months in advance of events and hang them on Prince Charming and Guapo’s wall till it’s time to deliver them. I also make them for other people, because that is a good way to waste even more time when in run out of my own things to make.



My Paddles

Matching-ish Thank You Paddles for My Petsitter’s
My Grammy made this grapevine wreath when she was first married to my Grandfather, so it must be almost 60 years old. They sell similar ones at Walmart, but this one is special to me. I found it in her old shed and ever since I have had it on my door at school to decorate for the season. I spend a max of $3 dollars on decorations for each “theme.” I normally only get a single dollar store item, so on average I spend $10  a year on something that cheers up my apartment and makes me so happy. Well Worth It 🙂 Also, Prince Charming and I have a lot of fun picking out the decorations.

My Current Spring Wreath


When I can’t even procrastinate at home anymore I take myself to the fabric stores and debate for hours over the best color combos for letters. I have found the BEST Alum who makes super reasonable letters. She has started her own letter making business, so if you want her contact info just comment below. Here are a few of my favorite new letters.

I Like Sparkles



How To Spring Break in Historic Savannah

How To Spring Break in Historic Savannah

So, two weeks ago Price Charming and I visited one of my most favorite places! Savannah, GA!! I talk about it a lot, I know, but if you have been there you understand why. If you haven’t been there you should defiantly put it on your bucket list. We started our Georgia trip with a few days of R &R with my Grammy, then drove from Farm County to the beautiful, historic, river city of Savannah.

Our Hotel On The Water

We knew we were going to have a great trip because I had my heart set on staying at the Westin Savannah Harbor Resort & Spa but being St. Paddy’s day everything was super expensive. Prince Charming is a thrill seeker, so we did one of those blind buys on Priceline. It gave us a price and a 4-Star rating or above, we entered our card and waited for the email letting us know where we were going to stay… and guess what?! We got the Westin and I will definitely try it again! My favorite thing about staying there was riding the water ferry every morning to and from the historic down town. What a fun way to commute.

I am a huge fan of reading all the signs and learning about the history of places. If I could have one super power it would be time travel. I love the old features of the city, dating from 1700’s – 1960’s. My favorite part of the trip was the historic tour on the hop on hop off bus. We got to hear all the history and then get out and explore.




I love the architecture and that the homes are set up along 22 green squares, it makes for the most breathtaking front yards and community spaces. While we were there, we saw a couple getting married in a square. What a great use of public lands! Most of the homes are from the 1800’s. Check out this bubbly glass, they don’t make it like that anymore.


We also visited the Mercer-Williams House. This home to me was so cool because I read Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil, which surrounded the events of Jim Williams, one of Savannah’s elite shooting his young lover in his home one night and the later trial. If books aren’t your thing take a trip to Savannah via the movie staring Kevin Spacey & John Cusack directed by Clint Eastwood.
Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil


We made our way home with some hot krispy kremes and wonderful memories. Where is one of your favorite cities?

A Spring Clothes Shopping Adventure for a Plus Sized Girl

So I like most women I love and hate spring. I love the warm weather, pretty flowers blooming, and the excitement in the air on a college campus! I do not like turning in my leggings and baggy shirts for cute summer shorts and blouses… especially after hibernating all winter. Also I blame Prince Charming, he made me feel loved and comfortable and like I should eat all those cookies in bed watching tv this winter…. Blahhhhh. (Prince Charming helped eat those cookies and he also needed new clothes as well so check out my style guide for men!)

So as we headed to the sunny south I packed my favorite summer clothes and they were all a wee bit tight. So I did what sensible person would do I took my Grammy up on the offer to go to the mall! For years I have been saying that I want to be the girl in the sundresses, think Jane the Virgin she always looks so cute and classic in her bright colored sundresses!

So my first stop was Old Navy- cheap and fun the perfect dresses to wear to class, not worry about getting them stained, and lots of bang for my buck. I tried a LOT of dresses on and loved a LOT of them! Below are some of the dresses I got, I tried to pick a good variety some strappy for grabbing a drink with friends and then some more professional for work and student government meetings. While there I also grabbed some light tanks and light weight cotton/linen pants.

My Old Navy Dress

Old Navy Tank
Old Navy Tank
Please, find a store that has clothes that fit you and gives you that “damn these look good” feeling! For me that’s Lane Bryant for pants shopping. This is where I splurge and recommend spending the money anything I have bought from there holds up and will be good season after season. I have a terrible time finding pants or shorts that fit and feel comfortable. I tried on lots of pants and shorts but I mixed and matched till I walked out with a huge smile on my face! The FIT MATTERS! Make sure to try a couple sizes and fits to find the right ones. I tried the Lena in an 18 and a Sophie in a 20. The Lena is a curvier fit, while the Sophie is a slimmer fit. For me I liked the Sophie’s in a 20 rather than taking the smaller size number. Lane Bryant is great about giving out coupons when you spend money, so I have $50 off my next $100 purchase, a pretty good deal!

The biggest lesson I learned this trip:

  1. DO NOT worry about what size the garment says it is, the fit is much much much more important than a number!
  2. DO buy cotton/ linen materials when you can. These will be lightweight and comfy. Polyester means you will literally wrap yourself in plastic and be hot!
  3. Wear comfy shoes to shop around in, consider it a hunting expedition not a time to show off.
  4. Take good friends with you to make the day fun. Price Charming sat in the changing room with me giving me his honest opinion and hanging everything back up after I had tried it on and didn’t  want it.
  5. Throw some shorts on underneath a dress if you’re going to do lots of walking to keep you comfy and chub rub free! My favorite are at Wal-Mart for $9 they are slip shorts so they are a little slick so my dress doesn’t stick to them like cotton spandex shorts and ride up.


Where are some of your favorite places to shop and tips & tricks?

Hey World! It’s me Montana

Hello All,

I am a plus sized girl, back in school, and killin’ it. My name is Montana and yes that’s my real name. On a good day I am an 18 but lately I have been trending towards a 20. I probably need to do some yoga or hit the gym, but to me that is just not fun and damn I love Chick-Fil-A too much. I actually feel comfortable in my own skin, sometimes I am more comfortable and confident than my tiny counterparts.

I am from Virginia and I love it! I am back in college after a 2-year break where I did pretty well at my job. Big girls can do anything! More to come later on my hospitality job and the best growing experience I have had yet… I learned A LOT! Now that I am back to school I am rocking a 3.86 GPA, Hello Dean’s List (but why isn’t my English grammar better?! Idk). I am dating my line cook and actually managed to get him to come back to school. Prince Charming will be making a debut later this month, but heads up sometimes he is Not so Prince Charming…but so is life.

My heart and family is in sunny Georgia. I am taking Prince Charming to Savannah, GA for spring break and I am so excited!! Warm weather, crabs out on Tybee Island, ghost tours by hearse, and some fun fruity cocktails are a mere 4 weeks away. This is a big trip for Prince Charming and I, because we are looking at real estate for our post-grad life. Stick with me and learn how big girls get love too and what to do for that awful chub rub.

My best friend in the whole world is a sassy, independent, free spirited woman who is my biggest cheerleader. She keeps my grounded, tells me everything is going to be okay, and makes me feel so very loved. Without her life would be very dull. My mermaid lady is working on some GREAT projects and once she is a little farther along I cannot wait to share her work with you.

My closest friends at school are from my Frat; yes I am in a Frat. Love me that co-ed professional Greek life. They are the spice of life. Currently, my roommate and I for next year #shitshow (her official frat nickname) are full steam ahead making paddles, 21 Birthday plans, and living room layouts

Follow me on this journey as we travel, make friends, celebrate birthdays, and…… maybe try that Yoga thing.