Boarding School Reunion, Where You Meet Your Bridesmaids

Boarding School Reunion, Where You Meet Your Bridesmaids

So last weekend I went home to ‘ol Virginia to a place that I love and hate at the same time. My old boarding school. People have lots of misconceptions about boarding school, yes we had the troubled girls who had been through numerous other schools. Yes, we had the rich legacies who were there because mommy had loved it. But, we also had the greatest girls there! Boarding school was hard, that age is such a hard time for any girl but I was also going through  a lot with my family.

When I arrived all the “old” girls and alumnae kept telling me that boarding school is where you meet you best friends and bridesmaids. The singular best thing about boarding school was these incredible women that I met and the network I have because of it. The education, ehh, the dining hall food, ehhh. The friendships and the women I know today, amazing.

The last time I saw some of these women was 4 years ago at the Next Miss Broadway’s mothers funeral. Be it plane, train, or automobile we all came back to our stomping ground to be there to support one another. From then till now I haven’t had a conversation with them, but our bond runs deep. We all picked up right where we had left off. 484320_10150908056029678_1311209515_n

This quote from pinterest couldn’t be more true.  here is the link to my pinterest page if you want to check it out.

Friends like that are the women that we need to surround ourselves with, not ones that push us down so they feel higher up, but the women the rejoice in our success and read my blog after all these years! Yes, I found out at the reunion most of the women have been reading my blog so THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH <3.

Here are so pictures of my amazing HS friends. If you don’t have women like this in your life go find some and stop accepting women in your life who criticize, make a friendship a chore, or don’t rejoice in your happiness. At this stage in life we are all crazy busy so let each other do their thing, but enjoy every second that you can when you come back together.




Class Dinner (we legally bought drinks, it was a little strange)



Next Miss Broadway, Prince Charming, and I